Question: How much money can you save us?

Answer: Savings always depends on how much energy you use, each customer is a little different. Savings are not guaranteed, but we will make sure that we do everything we can to educate you on the products we offer and how it could impact your businesses bottom line. On average we are able to reduce your energy spending by 20 – 30{f75222c874b85d336e582899f6adbff48c6bde81b8ea1c8321a645d8455eb203}.

Question: Is there a fee to use Integrity Energy?

There is no need for the customer to pay Integrity, Integrity Energy will receive a fee from the supplier that provides the winning bid.

Question: Should I choose a variable rate or a fixed rate?

Answer: Depending on market conditions, supply and demand, and the overall condition of our economy our consulting team will look at each customer’s needs and determine the best program for the customer.

Question: Will I ever lose my power or natural gas?

Answer: You will never lose your service by choosing Integrity as your broker because you will always still remain with your current EDC/Utility.

Question: Will I receive two bills when I make the change?

Answer: This will depend on which market you reside in as well as which supplier you choose. You will always continue to receive the same EDC/Utility bill that you currently receive with distribution charges on it. In some cases the supply charges will be added to this bill and in other cases you may receive a separate bill from the supplier.

Question: Will I still use my current Utility for anything?

Answer: You will still use your current utility for basically everything you always have. They will still deliver the energy, read your meter, handle any customer service and billing issues, as well as send you the same bill they always have.

Question: Is it true that supplier rates change daily?

Answer: A supplier gives you the truest and most accurate rates available that are derived from the index, therefore, a supplier’s rate can change often and daily. Due to this factor, our consulting team can advise a customer of the best possible rates at the time so the customer can lock that in.

Question: When will the new supplier charges appear on my bill?

Answer: Processing and acceptance from the EDC/Utility typically take 15 to 45 days. Usually it takes 1 to 2 billing cycles for the supplier and their rates to appear.

Question: Do I have options in picking my term length?

Answer: Yes, Integrity offers terms that range from monthly variable rates to fixed terms for up to 5 years.

Question: Do I have options in picking my term length?

Answer: Yes, Integrity offers terms that range from monthly variable rates to fixed terms for up to 5 years.

Question: If I am required to have a competitive bid for natural gas or Electricity, can Integrity help me?

Answer: Due to the ins and outs of searching major suppliers, Integrity can handle this time consuming process for you. We always shop for you, and if it is required by your municipality, we provide the results of our search.

Question: Why should I choose Integrity and not work directly with the supplier?

Answer: Shopping Energy can be a very cumbersome process. Integrity understands the markets we serve and the suppliers we represent. We will shop these suppliers for you and present the multiple options. You will not waste any of your time or pay anything out of your pocket. We do all of the work and you reap all of the benefits. We are aware of:

  • The changing minimum and maximum volume requirements per supplier.
  • Credit requirements and credit processes.
  • Enrollment procedures and the necessary documentation needed.

In addition, we will obtain your 12 month usage history form the utility in order to provide you a free quote. Our educated specialists can answer any energy question you may have.