" To be the market leader in energy brokers by providing customized cost-effective solutions that suit the business needs of each customer. "

Integrity Energy, ltd.

Founded in Cleveland, Ohio, Integrity has been in business for over 17 years with more than five decades of executive experience and became an energy broker in the deregulated market of Ohio. Recognizing that deregulation offered a new opportunity for businesses to choose a competitive energy supplier they jumped right in to offer these services through Integrity Energy. Soon after, they expanded to offer their services in other deregulated states, and today Integrity Energy services over 40,000 customers in 10 states and Washington D.C.

The Company Mission sums it up - We are in business to secure the best energy rates from gas and electric companies for our customers. Pretty simple promise right?

We have been successfully investing in that commitment and delivering on that promise for over 40,000 customers. We are able to deliver on our promise to our clients because of our approach and our long-standing partnerships with Energy Suppliers/Providers who do business in deregulated states. Because Integrity Energy manages billions of kWh annually, we have the leverage to negotiate prices based on our high volume and that is why can deliver the best electricity rates possible to our clients.

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Industry Knowledge

With over 50 years of executive experience, our in-depth knowledge across energy deregulated states gives us an edge.

Top Of Class

Customer Experience

Our highly trained staff of Energy Account Managers consistently deliver an excellent seamless customer experience.

Best Energy Rates

Competitive Energy Rates

Our established relationships and high volume business with energy suppliers provide us the ability to give customers the best-negotiated rates on the market.

Help your business save money and grow.

We are proud to say that we have saved customers millions of dollars over a long time.


We Make It Easy!

Our Account Managers and Analysts do all the legwork;

  • Analyze your current energy bills.
  • Negotiate the best rates on your behalf
  • Present you with the best options that make sense for your business

Our unbiased advice is based on years in the energy market, understanding fast-moving market conditions and more importantly - your business risk profile.

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