About Integrity

• Experienced
• Knowledgeable
• Friendly
• Honest

Integrity Energy is not only one of the largest energy brokers in the Nation, but also one of the most experienced. Combined, Integrity Energy management and employees have over 100 years of energy experience. We currently manage over 38,000 commercial accounts, offer service in every deregulated state, and have agreements with more than 50 different electric & natural gas suppliers. While most brokers only offer their services to large Industrial customers, Integrity will help every commercial business.

Supply Procurement


  • Electricity & Natural Gas
  • Vast Supplier Selection
  • Un-biased competitive shopping
  • All commercial size customers

We have the expertise and knowledge to offer a variety of different solutions. With years of experience, we understand the markets we serve and the supplier’s we represent. We will perform all of the legwork, negotiate the best rates on your behalf, and present you with options. We offer unbiased advice and will make recommendations based on market conditions, knowledge, experience, and our customer’s risk factor. Our goal is to build a long standing relationship with our customers for years to come.



  • Renewal Department
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Sponsorship Programs

The most important part of our company is our existing customers. We have dedicated our resources to ensure we have the most advanced system in place to allow us to serve our existing customer’s needs. Whether it be advanced reporting, real time usage, current rates, blend & extend options, etc. we will have it ready. We typically reach out to every customer   12-18 months prior to the expiration of their existing contract to start the process over



  • Market trends & updates
  • Weather outlook
  • Education

Electricity and Natural gas costs can be a significant amount of a business’s monthly expenses, we feel the information we share can help you spend less and save more. We feel the more educated our customer is, the easier it will be to put together the right product for their business. Knowledge is power, and we like to share that with our customers.