Integrity Energy was great! My schedule is very hectic and they followed up with me when they said they would. On top of that, they gave me a variety of choices that would work for my restaurant, and I am very pleased with all of the time and work they put in.
John Dunley, Cleveland OH

Integrity Energy really gave me an understanding of what deregulation is. This is all very new to me and I had been receiving many phone calls about my electricity. No one really took the time to explain the charges and how it would be a good decision for me to make. Thank you, Integrity!
Martha Brunns, Allentown PA

Integrity Energy gave it to me straight. I’ve been doing this for years and just wanted to know if they could beat my current rates. They did and were very professional, therefore they earned my business.
Mike March, Brooklyn NY

A colleague of mine referred me to Integrity to see if they could save me money on my energy costs. They looked at all my usage and gave me a program that is saving my business 28% on my electricity and 36% on my gas bills. I never knew this was available to me and am glad I dealt with such professionals.
Jackie Simms, Hershey PA

I have been using Integrity Energy for 2 + years, I just signed another contract with them last week. They originally earned my business because they produced the lowest rates out of three different brokers. I have stayed with Integrity Energy because I have never had a company deliver on the promise that they will continue to earn my business each year like they have. I look forward to speaking with you again next year!
Steve Corsen, Hartford CT